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Traditional Braces

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Traditional Braces

The most common orthodontic service offered by ProSmiles is traditional braces. Metal brackets are bonded to the front of the teeth, and wires are then attached to each bracket. With regular adjustments by the orthodontist, traditional braces gradually move teeth into their proper position and align the bite. Rubber bands are also used in certain cases to help move the teeth along.

Benefits of Traditional Braces

Traditional bracket braces have come a long way over the years, and are more efficient and effective than ever. New technology is helping to reduce the time a patient has to wear them, while providing the same desirable results. When compared to other forms of orthodontic treatment, metal braces tend to be the best solution for overcrowding, plus they give the doctor the most control over how the teeth move. These are most often recommended for children and teens, as they do not require the patient to do anything on their own to make them work.

Some people do not like having the visible metal of traditional braces on their teeth, but, fortunately, there are newer options that alleviate some patients’ esthetic concerns. ProSmiles offers the following types of traditional braces to better accommodate the interests of its patients:

· Gold braces
· Lingual braces
· Clear braces
· Colored braces (brackets and bands)

The latest advancements in traditional braces have also brought smaller and thinner brackets, which makes them more comfortable than they used to be.

Whatever type of metal braces you and Dr. McGuire decide is right for your situation, you can look forward to the construction of a beautiful smile. Contact ProSmiles to learn more about your options for traditional braces.

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