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Our Philosophy

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The ProSmiles Philosophy

There’s no such thing as “one size fits all” in orthodontia. When it comes to braces, some patients may require traditional brackets while others can benefit from clear-aligner treatment. Each patient has unique challenges and deserves their own solutions. And Dr. McGuire’s passion is built around becoming a chapter in each of his patients’ “Smile Stories.”

Through advanced treatment options and proactive care, he has built the practice to be the most professional orthodontic business in all aspects of service. Never robotic or cookie-cutter in his approach, he is always excited to find the right solutions for each of his patients.

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Our Mission

At ProSmiles, we focus on orthodontics. And the practice is committed to delivering patient-focused care with integrity. At the foundation of the business, there’s a culture of appreciation and adoration for the employees who keep it running. And it’s the mission of the entire ProSmiles team to always be prepared and display accountability in all daily operations. Each staff member will show respect to all patients, coworkers and business partners. We tout our professionalism. It’s in the DNA of the practice. This is ProSmiles Orthodontics!

dr. mcguire goodyear orthodontist
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Our Core Values

ProSmiles is dedicated to conducting business in an admirable manner. When starting the practice, Dr. McGuire and his staff explicitly defined core values from which they develop their culture, brand and business systems. These values are the basis for all actions and decisions regarding the practice, and are a true reflection of the experience we strive to give each of our patients.

1. Professionalism: Show professionalism in all you do.
2. Specialized Knowledge: Keep up-to-date with orthodontic technology and education to provide the gold standard of treatment.
3. Patient Focus: Manage expectations, keep promises, and get the job done — or do whatever it takes to make it right.
4. Integrity: Be honest and fair, and do not violate the trust that patients and partners have instilled in the practice.
5. Preparedness: Always be prepared for the task at hand.
6. Respect: Value the strengths, experiences, and perspectives of others, and recognize your own limitations.
7. Image: Maintain a polished, professional image — always.
8. Employee Satisfaction: Employees are the practice’s greatest asset, and they will be treated as such.